All Pets Animal Hospital Rogers Boarding Policies and Consent

Please request your boarding reservation then complete this Boarding Policies and Consent form. You need only complete this form ONE TIME.

Please note that completion of these forms does not guarantee a boarding reservation. Reservations must be requested and confirmed separately. Submission of your signature signifies your agreement with APAH Boarding policies.

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So that every pet boarding at APAH is protected, we require that pets be vaccinated by a licensed veterinarian and current on baseline vaccinations. Proof of vaccination must be presented prior to admittance. If proof cannot be provided, your pet will be vaccinated for the following at your expense:
➢ Adult cats: Rabies, FVRCP
➢ Adult dogs: Rabies, DHPP, Bordetella (annually)
➢ Puppies/Kittens: must be current for their age on the vaccines above


All Pets Animal Hospital is a flea and tick-free facility. Upon arrival, your pet will be checked for external parasites. If any are found, a Capstar tablet will be administered for fleas and/or a topical tick treatment will be given to your pet. The cost of the medication will be at your expense.


Every boarding pet is provided with fresh water throughout the day and fresh food twice daily unless you request otherwise. Upon admittance we will ask you to tell us the quantity of food your pet eats and any other special instructions. All boarding pets are fed Hill’s Sensitive Stomach dry kibble as the house diet. If you prefer your pet eat a special diet you bring from home, we are happy to substitute your food from home at no additional expense. If insufficient quantities of food are provided for the duration of your pet’s stay, we will revert to the house diet or the cost of the additional special diet provided by APAH will be at your expense.


There is no additional charge to administer oral medication to boarding pets. Ample quantities of the medication, along with clear and concise, written instructions must be provided. If medications need to be refilled while a pet is boarding, they will be filled at your expense.

Pets requiring injectable medications (insulin, etc.) or pets experiencing an uncontrolled medical condition (uncontrolled seizures, etc.) will be charged a Med-Care hospitalization fee in lieu of normal boarding rates. Please call if you have any questions and for current Med-Care fees.


Every boarding pet is provided with clean, soft bedding daily, or more often as needed. If you choose to provide personal items for your pet, every effort will be made to return them to you in the same condition, but we can make no guarantee against loss or damage. We prefer that you not send bedding with your boarding pet.


Pets boarding 3 nights or more will receive a complimentary “freshen up” bath. You may request a paid bath in lieu of the complimentary bath or with visits of less than 3 nights. A paid bath differs from a freshen-up bath in that paid baths are with a specially formulated shampoo, your pet spends more time in the tub being washed, and it includes a 15-minute brush-out. Additional professional services may be requested while your pet is boarding with us. Frequently requested services include nail trims, expressing anal glands, professional teeth cleaning, or an exam/treatment by a veterinarian for a medical issue. At every boarding visit, you will have the opportunity to request services, and let us know how/when you prefer to get your results.


APAH is equipped to provide adequate housing and food for dogs and cats. Pets of any other species who board with us should be accompanied by their own habitats, food, substrate, and specific feeding and handling instructions. Space for exotics is limited.


If you prefer to drop off or pick up your pet outside normal clinic hours, you may do so by making those arrangements when you schedule boarding. The weekend after-hours time is between 4:30-5:00 on Saturday and Sunday afternoons. There is an additional fee of $18.50+tax to use the after-hours option which, along with all other fees, must be paid in advance. No after-hours option is available on national holidays when we are closed. Please note that our Ward Nurses are present during normal operating hours plus additional weekend hours. They are not, however, on site 24/7.


Boarding or Med-Care is charged per pet per night and includes the kennel space, bedding, house diet of dry kibble and water (or special food you bring from home), administering medications, a freshen-up bath after 3 nights, and the care of each pet undertaken by our staff of Ward Nurses. Fees are based on your pet’s weight at check-in. Pets are provided with individual boarding spaces and do not interact with other pets unless you specifically request your own pets be boarded together. Even then, house-mates who become aggressive under boarding conditions may be separated at our discretion. No discounts are given for pets housed in the same kennel space.


Every pet boarding at All Pets Animal Hospital is provided with attentive care, clean bedding, fresh food and water every day. Dogs are let outside at least 3x daily and all kennels are kept clean throughout the workday. As time allows, our Ward Nurses give special attention, hugs, and cuddles. Despite all this care, any boarding facility, ours included, is not home. Strange noises, smells, and the presence of other pets may produce anxiety in your pet which may result in an interruption to their normal eating, drinking, sleeping and bathroom habits. Sometimes diarrhea occurs; sometimes their appetite is off when they’re with us. When your pet returns home he/she may have a temporary increase in eating or drinking, may immediately want to use the bathroom, and may sleep more their first day home. These behaviors are all normal and should not cause alarm. If any symptoms persist that worry you, please give us a call.


At each boarding visit, you will be given the opportunity to leave directions for the care of your pet should he/she become ill while boarding with us. All treatments/diagnostics performed on boarding pets are at your expense. Every effort is made to safeguard boarding pets, but the hospital will not be held liable for injuries, escape, or death that result from situations in which we took every reasonable precaution, including fire or weather-related emergencies. In the event a pet is unclaimed 10 days after the scheduled time of departure, despite reasonable attempts to contact the owner and/or agent of record, the pet will be considered abandoned and APAH will have full discretion over the subsequent disposition of the surrendered pet. Abandonment does not relieve the pet’s owner of all charges incurred while at APAH.


I do hereby consent to board my pet at All Pets Animal Hospital. Submission of this form confirms that I understand and agree to the policies set forth in this brochure. I understand that with each boarding visit I will be asked to complete a Boarding check-in document which gives direction for my pet(s) care while boarding. I will not hold All Pets Animal Hospital liable for consequences resulting from my directives. I further understand that APAH will take the utmost care to follow my directives but that the safety of APAH personnel, other boarding guests, and my own pet’s safety will supersede my directives. I understand that I am financially responsible for all fees for boarding, products, and services for which I have given consent either in writing or verbally. I understand that in the event that I or my agent is unable to be reached, that All Pets Animal Hospital has permission to do whatever is reasonable to safeguard the life of my pet and that I am financially responsible for those decisions.

Submission of this form signifies your understanding of, and agreement with APAH boarding policies.