5 Tips To Keep Your Kitty Happy

This blog post is dedicated to all the cat lovers out there. It doesn’t matter whether you met your kitty one day outside while taking a walk, you got it from a rescue shelter, or simply saw it at the pet shop and fell in love with it immediately; whatever way you met your kitty, you love your cat and are willing to do anything to make it the happiest cat that has ever lived!


In this post, All Pets Animal Hospital will be talking about five tips to keep your cat in a good mood above all else. We all know that a happy pet will be a loyal and loving companion no matter how bad things get, and cats are no different.


One thing that we have to understand before jumping into this post is that pets are like humans in a lot of ways — temperament is one of those. You can have a frisky, lazy, or a completely loving ball of fur, whatever your cat’s behavior is, there’s something here that can help you keep your cat happy.

We are going to start this list with a very playful item.

Keep Them Busy!


Your cat is most likely an all-time athlete. Most house cats are very active animals that are particularly nimble and full of energy. When a cat is indoors, it can be hard sometimes to use all the energy they possess, which can turn your cat into a bored and annoyed pet.


Make sure to get plenty of toys that require them to be attentive and running around or jumping. Your cat will stay occupied with all the play, and you will enjoy some funny and bonding moments with your kitty. Aside from all that, this will help your cat exercise, stay entertained, and, if you are lucky, it will also give you a calm companion to lay with on the couch and watch your favorite show.


If you notice that your cat has not been playful or has any indication of physical pain, contact us at the All Pets Animal Hospital; our cat vets will take care of your friend!


Bird Watching


Your cat might have a natural curiosity for other smaller animals — those that can be considered their natural prey. Birds are one of those animals that cats are normally attracted to when it comes to hunting games.


Installing a watching station or a cat window can provide your cat with countless hours of bird watching to keep them entertained and happy. At the same time, you can install a bird feeder outside of that window to make the watching experience even more enjoyable for your furry friend.


Better in Pairs


You may need to be outside of the house for long periods due to work, and whenever you come back, your cat might take that time to play and seek attention. 


There are very few household animals that would be in a better place without a buddy to play with. Having a second cat can allow them to socialize and play with each other, because let’s be honest, having a high-energy cat sometimes can be a lot to handle.


Now, if you have another cat that can share and play with your cat, this can help you as much as it will help them.



Catnip is a plant that contains an oil that affects cats in a unique way. This oil, when rubbed or chewed on by your cat, can be interpreted by the olfactory system as a natural cat pheromone.


The effects of catnip are harmless, temporary, and bring joy to your cat. Although, not all cats are affected by catnip. You can try other forms of catnip like sprays or even planting your own plant at home in a sunny spot near a window.


Here are some alternatives:


  • Silverine
  • Valerian Root
  • Lavender
  • Tartarian Honeysuckle
  • Chamomile


It’s always a good idea to rotate through what you do with your cat so it can have a variety of games and exciting activities. If you feel that your cat’s energy levels have slowly decreased or its mood has drastically changed, for example not wanting the catnip they once loved, contact us to see if it might be necessary to schedule an appointment for your cat. Our outstanding veterinarians will take care of your cat as if it were part of our family!


All You Need is Love


This one is probably not even necessary. Loving your cat can make a drastic difference in their lives. There’s a big difference between owning a cat and having a cat that you love and like to have around. 


A cat that is not loved and barely taken care of can behave differently than one that gets attention often and spends time with its owners. So, this should be a given, besides, how can you not love those beautiful balls of fur? Remember, a happy cat is a loyal cat!


It is always important to take care of your cat and make sure that they are always eating and staying active. Cats can suffer from depression and other illnesses that can make your cat lose energy, start behaving differently, or even get sick from it.


If you notice that your cat’s behavior and energy levels have taken a turn for the worse, contact us to help you assess your kitty’s health and make sure that what they are going through is nothing serious. If it is, it’s better to assess early to take care of the problem before it becomes a bigger complication. Contact your local veterinarian at All Pets Animals Hospital and have your cat get the treatment it deserves!